Ellemane Hair is a London, UK based hair company founded by our hair obsessed founder – Arielle who has kept Ellemane Hair as one of her best kept secrets. Secrets are no fun and withholding good hair is even worse. So, it was time for 
the world to meet Ellemane Hair.
At Ellemane Hair our main aim is to provide you ladies with great long lasting bundles and our second aim is to provide great customer care. We take pride in our hair and we have searched and continue to search for the best. We work with expert vendors who source our bundles and lace systems in Southeast Asia mainly in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar. Every bundle comes from a willing donor and we NEVER EVER chemically process. Instead, our vendors use the steam process method to achieve our various LUXE textures making it cleaner, safer and better for the hair and you.
At Ellemane Hair HQ we take hair very seriously as we only want the best for our customers. Over the years we have developed a keen eye for virgin hair and we closely work with our vendors to ensure that every bundle and lace system we receive is of the highest quality. How extra are we? Well we test a vast majority of our products on our scalps before we release it to you ladies to buy. Any products that we personally do not test will be given to our various brand ambassadors to test for us. 
 Our promise to you is that we will never stop learning, searching and delivering the best quality of hair available on the market to YOU.

#ForHairThatMoves always shop with us
Arielle Don- Founder & Director